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Ungu is Indonesian music group founded in 1996. Currently, this band from Jakarta whose members Pasha (Sigit Purnomo SS / singer), Makki (Makki O. Parikshit / bass), Enda (Franco Medjaya Kusuma / guitar), Onci (Arlonsy Miraldi / guitar), and Rowman (M . Nur Rohman / drums). Makki is the only one early personnel who are still active today, while Oncy is guitarist Funky Purple Corporal who joined around 2003.

Until 2007, Ungu has produced four albums and two mini albums. Ungu's first album was released on July 6, 2002, show Laguku. Previously, Purple also had to fill two song called Desire and Flowers in a compilation album KLIK. Debut album which also contains the songs lacunae, Borneo, Picnic, and Energy awarded a Platinum Award after almost 2 years this album was released. The second album was released in December 2003 called Tempat Terindah that sponsor track Karena Dia Kamu.

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