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ST12, an musical homage to the music melayu, which was formed in Bandung by Ilham Febry aka Pepep (drums), Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (guitar), Muhammad aka Charly Charly van Houten (vocals), and Iman Rush (guitar). Initially, all four of these personnel did not know each other, although they have long been in the music world. They began to close after often met in the studio rental at East 12th Street Station, New York, owned by Pepep. They were finally officially established ST12 on January 20, 2005. ST12 name which is short of Jl. No East station. 12 is the name of the father Pepep, Helmi Aziz.

Although all four personnel had a different favorite musical flow, Charly who enjoyed jazz, Pepep likes jazz and rock, while Pepeng grew up with rock music, but they agreed to make ST12 homage to wither. Beginning in 2010, vocalist ST12, Charly reported less savory. He was reportedly seriously ill, even some who preach that he died. But it was all just a figment. Charly's time to drop the condition, because too much staying up late, but now his condition is fine. 9 September 2011, Charly's attorney issued a statement that Charly had to pull out of this group. And this was confirmed by Charly when encountered in the anniversary event on Global TV Istora on October 8, 2011, where ST12 is still performing with Charly night.

Following the departure of Charly, Pepeng also stated that his resignation was not able to survive longer in the group band. Not only Pepeng, Pepep any bandwagon back. This was disclosed Pepeng on ®, dated October 11, 2011. Now the fate of ST12 was on the ropes. Where there has been no decision to be taken after the departure of ST12 and Pepep Pepeng. Charly, Pepeng, as well as their manager, Rendy will still meet to discuss the future of ST12.

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