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The group was formed in 2007 consists of Brian (vocals), Riki (guitar), Rama (guitar), Rai (bass), and Rev (drums). The name of d'Boys begin famous after winning the A Mild Live Wanted. Their debut album, released in 2008 Amendment, with the flagship song Cinta. End of June 2008, d'Boys fan club formed to unite their fans, who were named Masiver.

Currently, d'Boys are preparing their second album which is scheduled to release in August 2009. Had been a furore, while d'Boys held a concert in Papua on February 11, 2009. Concert with J-Rock band is rumored to have 'spirits' who helped to watch their concert. Even the video footage that shows evidence of 'other creatures' circulating on the internet.

However, it turns out 'ghost' is only the effect of the stage backdrop. Not sightings 'creature from another world' is busy talking. Although widely rumored as a plagiarist of other bands, but d'Boys proved through the works and achievements that they get. One is awarded to the category terdahsyat song on the song Cinta Strikes Awards at the event on April 19, 2009.

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