Sakura Haruno cool pics wallpaper

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Sakura is a kunoichi affiliated with the konoha village. Sakura Haruna is the one who built most of his relationship with other characters. Sakura is a lover of people with very sensitive feelings. Sakura character as a girl who cann't understand the man, but he grew into a wise man. The main motivation is to get back Sasuke to Konoha again. Together with Naruto, they both share in their goal to take them away kembali.Kemampuan Sasuke Sakura team went most of the visible and growing. While he proved to be very proficient with basic ninja abilities during the few battles she participates in, Sakura did not have any unique properties that make it different from the rest of Team 7. His teacher, Kakashi Hatake, notes that Sakura has excellent control of chakra early.

Sakura acquires two abilities that rely directly on her precise chakra control. The first and the second most common is the ability to heal wounds, gave him a position as a medical ninja team. Sakura second ability: her superhuman strength. By building a chakra in his fist and releasing it on contact with the target, Sakura can reduce most obstacles debris.

Here the Sakura Haruno cool pics wallpaper

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